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Attic Solutions is a Bay Area based attic insulation company, providing a range of attic services to Concord homeowners, including attic insulation and removal, cleaning, rodent and pest control, duct repair and more.

Don’t let the attic in your Concord area home be an afterthought. The team at Attic Solutions is dedicated to shining the light in your attic and creating a clean, adequately insulated and energy efficient space that provides whole-home comfort and improved indoor air quality for your home.

From rats in the attic to outdated or water-damaged insulation, we provide a range of attic services that get your attic back into shape. Our services menus includes attic cleaning, and insulation removal and replacement, to eliminating mold, water damage or rats in the attic. Our dedicated team will leave your attic in great shape – and you’ll notice the difference in lower utility spending and improved temperature and humidity control.

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    Attic Insulation Removal & Replacement

    If your home is 15-years old or older, it’s worth scheduling an attic inspection. Energy efficiency standards have changed and unless you make attic inspections a routine part of your DIY home maintenance plan, you just never know what you’ll find up there.

    If your insulation is damaged, we’ll provide insulation removal services; if the insulation needs to be updated or replaced, we can do that too. Some of the most common reasons your attic needs attention include:

    • Rodents, rats or other animals in the attic. Most rodents (including squirrels) can squeeze through remarkably small openings. As a result, you could have a current pest infestation that needs to be eliminated, or we may find evidence of past infestations that need to be cleaned up. Odds are insulation will need to be removed and replaced as well.
    • Inadequate insulation. We can tell in a single glance whether or not attic insulation needs to be replaced. Gaps in insulation, insulation layers that don’t come up to the edge of the joists or insulation damaged by water or pests should be immediately removed and replaced. Replacing outdated insulation with energy-efficient options can improve energy efficiency by as much as 15%, and you’ll notice this difference on your next utility bill.
    • Water damaged insulation. Water damage is one of the first things we notice when we crawl up into an ignored or neglected attic. Often, small leaks and moisture accumulation are completely invisible in the main living spaces, and yet they allow structural rot, insulation decay and mold/mildew growth to thrive.
    • Decades of dirt and debris. In older Bay Area homes, it’s not uncommon to find decades’-worth of dirt and general debris. Airborne particles, including toxins, can get into dilapidated ducts and small open spaces and into your circulating air system. This leads to allergies and respiratory issues that may immediately clear up once we’ve cleaned the space.

    Vapor Barrier Installation in Attics, Crawl Spaces and Basements

    Attics, crawl spaces and basements are all prone to moisture damage or flooding if they aren’t protected with an efficient vapor barrier. During our inspection, we’ll look to see if you have any vapor barrier systems in place (many older Concord and Bay Area homes do not), and we’ll inspect them to make sure they’re installed correctly and performing as they should.

    If you require vapor barrier installation or repair, our team will do it quickly and affordably. Once the attic and crawl space barriers are in place, you’ll notice a difference in terms of temperature and humidity control, not to mention warmer floors on colder winter mornings.

    Have Rats in the Attic? We Offer Pest Control and Attic Rodent Proofing

    Have a rodent problem? Have you seen evidence of prior infestations? From the remains of dead rodents to accumulated urine and fecal matter, infestations pose health and safety issues for your home’s occupants. In addition to potential toxins, rodents are destructive – chewing up wires, plumbing and insulation – and can cause thousands of dollars in repairs if they aren’t eradicated.

    We’ll remove all evidence of pests and their waste products, and then we’ll scrutinize every inch of your attic, sealing potential entrance/exits points so you don’t have to worry about a future invasion.

    If the resulting debris and contaminants are more than a simple removal and cleanup can address, we’ll complete any repairs necessary and then finish up by completely sanitizing the attic and affected areas.

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    Don’t let your attic be a scary or mysterious afterthought. Attic Solutions is here to transform it into a sparkling example of home efficiency, cleanliness and a promoter of healthy indoor air quality.

    Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and we’ll provide you with a competitively-priced estimate. You can also give us a call at 510-500-5007 to ask questions or learn more about the attic cleaning and renovation services we offer.

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