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Attic Solutions is a family-owned and operated business performing high-quality attic improvements for homeowners in Walnut Creek and around the greater Bay Area. We specialize in insulation removal and replacement as well as pest and rodent control, crawl space vapor barriers, attic cleaning and sanitizing.

Once we’ve cleaned out and updated your attic to current energy efficiency guidelines, you’ll notice an immediate difference in terms of whole-home comfort and reduced utility spending. Any of our services can include air sealing, which is known to notably improve energy efficiency particularly in homes building prior to the 1990s.

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    Insulation Removal and Replacement Leads to Lower Energy Costs

    If your Walnut Creek home is 15-years old or more, it’s time to update the insulation. Today’s energy efficient standards, set by the U.S. Department of Energy, have revolutionized the way home designers and builders think about attic insulation.

    A large majority of heating and cooling loss takes place via inadequately insulated attic and crawl spaces. Noise reduction is a valuable – although lesser-mentioned – bonus of updating your insulation, and is especially valuable for homes on busier streets and intersection or located in downtown or mixed-use locations.

    The team at Attic Solutions will assess your home and make recommendations about your home’s attic, crawl and exterior wall spaced. According to energystar.gov, replacing inadequate or outdated insulation in the attic can save as much as 15% on your total energy savings.

    Additionally, sealing and adequately insulating your attic space:

    • Saves your HVAC system from additional wear-and-tear, which translates to reduced repair and replacement costs.
    • Improves whole-home comfort since well-insulated attics mean more consistent and comfortable interior temperatures.
    • Enhances your home’s indoor air quality because, by the time we’re done, dust, mold, pest debris, and other particulates are no longer circulating through your home’s forced-air system.

    Ready to replace your old insulation with a higher-tech, cleaner and more efficient alternative? Contact us here at Attic Solutions, and we’ll provide a free estimate. Upon request, our experienced team can also provide additional suggestions to save energy, reduce utility spending and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Prevent Moisture Damage & Improve Indoor Comfort

    The Bay Area’s proximity to the coast is a bonus, but higher-humidity levels are the other side of that coin. Minimizing moisture infiltration and damage (as well as mold and mildew colonies) is an important step towards improving your home’s interior comfort, indoor air quality and energy spending.

    Crawl space vapor barriers are effective at preventing moisture levels from exceeding the recommended norms, and they’re particularly good for homes with basements – which are more prone to flooding and water damage. You’ll notice the difference in terms of more consistent indoor temperatures and warmer floors during the cooler months.

    Schedule an free estimate with Attic Solutions to learn more about crawl space barriers and whether your home is in need.

    General Clean Up and Sanitation of Attics and Crawl Spaces

    Sometimes, older attics just need a good, thorough and professional cleaning. The team at Attic Solutions has all the right gear – including protective clothing and masks, innovative vacuum systems and safe, but effective cleansers.

    Over time, attics and crawl spaces get dusty and are inevitably filled with dead insects, rodents and other pest debris – even if pest populations are no longer present. Similarly, old and broken down insulation can pile up in all the wrong places and general storage build-up can make the attic more prone to mold and a break down in insulation quality that effects overall energy efficiency.

    The Attic Solutions team can fix all that in just a handful of hours, removing debris, inspecting for mold and latent pest infestations and preparing your attic for an upcoming renovation for a much-needed insulation replacement.

    Sanitize and Refresh Attic and Crawl Spaces

    Long after pests are eradicated, their scents remain; if the infestation was big enough, this may even compromise the indoor air quality in adjacent bedrooms and living spaces. Similarly, older homes are notorious for having inadequately insulated attics and crawl spaces that – in our moist, Bay Area climate – leads to mold and mildew build-up, the outcome being a home or attic that smells old and musty and has a perpetually damp feel.

    Even after a thorough cleaning, most attic and crawl space clean-ups must be followed by a sanitization process. Once we’ve completely removed dust and debris, as well as the removal of compromised insulation, we’ll clean and treat everything with safe products that prevent the further growth of bacteria, fungus and/or viruses and that leave these areas smelling fresh and clean again.

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    The Attic Solutions team has faithfully served our Walnut Creek clients for years and have built a loyal following. Feel free to read some of our 5-star Reviews on Yelp! As a local, family owned business that believes in honesty and a job well done, we never upsell services our clients and provide all of our recommendations for free, and with no obligation.

    Although Attic Solutions is based in Oakland, our team members fight for a chance to spend some time in the charming town of Walnut Creek. Your beautiful views and gorgeous open spaces are a treat, as is your historic downtown.

    We’re happy to book an appointment with you to discuss attic removal and replacement, and you’re likely to find us taking our lunch break at MoMo’s or getting in an after work to hit the biking trails at Mount Diablo State Park. Contact us directly online or give us a call at (925) 269-7617. We’ll answer all of your questions and we promise to provide you with top-notch service at a competitive price.

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