5 Awesome Attic Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

04/02/2020 | By Pamela Vargas-Touchard |
Attic Renovation Ideas: Attic home office

Is your attic simply a space that's collecting dust? Maybe you store some old exercise equipment up there, but only ever go up there once in a blue moon?

If your answer is yes, then you're like many people who don't make use of their attic space.

Attics sort of get a bad rap- people think of them as creepy, dark spaces that are magnets for bugs and dust. While that's certainly true for those who hardly ever go up to their attic, those who renovate and maintain their attic will probably tell you it's one of their favorite rooms in the house.

But, how exactly do you renovate an attic?

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of creative ways you can renovate this space.

If you like the idea of converting your attic into a livable space but aren't sure where to start, read on to learn about the top attic renovation ideas to inspire you.

Turn It Into a Home Office

If you're someone who works from home often, then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to stay focused on your work.

From noisy kids to noisy pets, to the temptation of the television and kitchen snacks, working without interruption can sometimes feel nearly impossible.

Many people find that having a space in their home that is solely dedicated to working is the best way to go. Many people put their home offices on the main floor or in the basement.

However, the main floor is usually where all the distractions are. And, working in the basement means you don't have a window to peer out of and gather inspiration.

This is why an office attic is the perfect solution. Plus, attics tend to have a lot of space. This means there's enough room for you to add not just a desk, but other things like a big whiteboard, a comfy couch, a large table, painting easels- whatever it is you need to get your work done!

A Game Room

Who doesn't love spending a night in playing games?

If you have kids, games are a great way for your whole family to bond by partaking in an activity together.

But, the problem is that a lot of houses don't have space for more than a couple board games. And, many people are afraid to put a big game table (such as an air hockey table or foosball table) in their basement due to the noise.

This is why turning your attic into a game room is such a good idea.

If your attic is big enough, you can add one or two big game tables - air hockey tables, pool tables, ping pong tables, and foosball tables are all great ideas - and, you can add a sitting area for when you want to play board or card games.

Best of all, while the noise may travel downstairs a bit, an attic game room won't be nearly as loud as a basement game room.

A Sunny Dining Room

Many people love the idea of entertaining guests in their dining room. However, a lot of homes these days don't even come with a dining room.

Or, if they do, a lot of times they are small and cramped.

if you love the idea of having a beautiful dining room in your home for small parties, consider turning your attic into one.

All it takes to make a beautiful dining room is a big table, some chairs, and a few nice decorations.

Attics with large windows make especially great dining rooms, as the windows help make the space feel larger. But, even if your attic doesn't have large windows, building a dining room here is still a great idea. Gathering in a space that's closed off from the rest of the home can make your parties feel more intimate and special.

A Bedroom

Maybe you have kids who are old enough to have their own room? Or, maybe you'd just like a spare room in case you have guests over?

If you answered yes to either of this, consider turning your attic into another bedroom. Even if your attic is looking dim right now, once you clean the space, add a nice coat of paint and do some flooring renovation, you can really turn the space around.

And, even if you don't anticipate family or friends using the space as a bedroom, it can still be a great idea if you've ever considered AirBnBing your space.

Airbnb guests often like to find homes that offer a decent amount of privacy. With a bedroom attic, guests get all the feelings of staying in a real home with the added privacy benefit.

A Library

If you're a bookworm, you're probably constantly looking for places to store all of your books. And- if you live in a noisy household- you're probably also looking for somewhere you can read in peace and quiet.

By converting your attic into a library, you've solved both of these problems.

With an attic, you have all kinds of space to build bookshelves. In fact, some people even make use of the A-frame shape of the attic by building unique looking bookshelves right into these structures.

Add a couch, a couple chairs, and a nice rug, and you've created a library space that's Pinterest-worthy.

You could also designate this room the general "quiet room" and make it your space where you simply go to relax and recharge.

For example, if you're a yogi, you could convert the space into a small yoga studio. Or, if you meditate, you could turn the space into a peaceful meditation room.

Attic Renovation Ideas: Are You Ready to Start Your Renovation Project?

After reading all of these attic renovation ideas, you're probably more than ready to get started on your project.

But, before you dive in, you have to make sure your attic is ready. That's where we come in.

We can help make sure your attic is sanitary, clean, and free of rodents and pests. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our services.

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