Attics and crawl spaces fill up with garbage, damaged insulation, remnants of rodent infestations and other miscellaneous debris. Cleaning these areas improves energy efficiency, indoor air quality and prepares your home for upgraded insulation.

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The attic is more than just a storage area or a space to hide electrical and plumbing equipment, HVAC ducts, and AV cables; your attic and crawl spaces play an essential role in whole-home (or business) energy efficiency. Accumulated debris impacts insulation performance, can damage HVAC ducts and can infiltrate your home’s forced-air heating/cooling system, which negatively affects indoor air quality.

Attic Solutions services homes and business in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, cleaning attic and crawl spaces, making homes more comfortable and energy-efficient. We also provide a range of additional attic services as needed. Feel free to visit Yelp! to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

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    Improve Energy Efficiency

    If your home is 15-years old or older, and you’ve never had your attic cleaned or inspected, we’re confident you’ll benefit from a professional attic and crawl space cleanup. Older homes weren’t sealed nearly as well as those built in the past decade. As a result, dust, pollen, and other debris, rodents – and their dead bodies and feces – or leftover scraps from contractors, water damaged remnants, etc., begin accumulating on the attic floors.

    If rodents, water damage or mold issues have caused a significant problem, we’ll complete our cleanup with a thorough sanitizing process to prevent the development or spread of further bacteria, fungus, viruses or other toxins.

    Additionally, airflow from poorly sealed attics can blow loose-fill or damaged insulation around over time, making it less effective. By having your attic and crawl spaces professionally cleaned, these issues are eliminated, getting your attic back into great shape so you can replace the old insulation with a higher-quality product.

    Identify Other Important Attic Issues

    Often, while we’re up in a client’s attic, we notice additional items that deserve attention or immediate correction such as:

    Rats in the Attic

    Rodents – and especially rats – love attics. They’re a nice, warm, dry and predator-free space to raise a family when compared to the great outdoors. The problem is rat feces and urine is toxic en masse. Unaddressed rodent problems, or previous infestations you never knew about – can diminish your home’s air quality.

    Rodents and other pests are also notorious for shredding insulation, damaging HVAC ducts (another spot they love to take up residence) and chewing up electrical wires, plastic PVC plumbing supplies and A/V equipment.

    In addition to our attic and crawl space cleaning services, we also offer rodent solutions, which remove existing or prior infestations, sanitizing of the affected areas and professional attic sealing to prevent further rodent and pest populations from gaining access to attic and crawl spaces.

    Attic Leaks

    Often, a small attic leak from the roof or flashing results in water damage that clients are unaware of. This water infiltrates insulation, wood framing and/or other interior spaces but doesn’t always make its visible way into your living spaces until much later. By this time, structural damage and rot, as well as mold/mildew growth, may already be an issue.

    The Attic Solutions team offers attic sealing as well as the installation of attic vapor barriers, preventing future leaks and mitigating potential water damage. These services also improve whole-home comfort and energy efficiency. Plus, catching leaks and water damage on the front-end saves thousands of dollars in future repair and replacement costs due to unchecked structural damage.

    Insulation removal and replacement

    How often do you look into your attic and crawl spaces to check the status of your insulation? If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is “never.” However, multiple situations compromise insulation – particularly if your home was built before 2005.

    This includes:

    • Water damage that causes insulation rot or compression, making insulation less effective
    • Pest damage – both present and previous
    • Loose fill or damaged insulation that is misplaced by air leaks
    • Insulation that has been misplaced by aftermarket contractors installing or working on electrical, HVAC, plumbing, cable or other A/V lines.
    • Inadequate insulation, typical of older San Francisco Bay Area homes
    • Insulation that doesn’t meet current efficiency ratings for our geographic location

    If needed, our team of experts is happy to remove the old insulation. We’ll clean everyhing using our specialized industrial HEPA vacuum and containment systems, keeping debris disturbance to an absolute minimum.

    Once the attic and crawl spaces are prepped, we’ll install replacement insulation that meets the standard EnergyStar guidelines for the Bay Area. Afterward, you’ll notice a difference in terms of lower energy bills, a more efficient HVAC system and improved interior comfort and air quality.

    Air duct repairs and replacement

    Over time, air ducts can crack, dent or even break apart in sections, unbeknownst to you. In some cases, your HVAC system simply works harder – and more expensively – to make up the difference. In other cases, damaged air ducts allow dust and/or rodent feces and debris to get into the HVAC system, spreading through your home via the vents. This compromises indoor air quality and can cause or exacerbate respiratory issues for home and/or business occupants.

    If we notice your ducts need some help, we’ll let you know. Air duct repair and replacement is a service we offer or we’re happy to refer you to a qualified, local HVAC expert if your entire system is in need of updating.

    Is your attic more than overdue for a professional cleanup and inspection? Contact us here at Attic Solutions and we’ll provide a free estimate with competitive prices. It’s time to get that attic in shape so it can do the job it was designed to do.