Removing old and contaminated insulation inside a home can be a very difficult and sometimes toxic task. Loose fill or Batt style insulation that is filled with remains can expose you to a series of toxic effects inside your property. Rodent infestations and contaminated insulation can often lead to problems with degradation to heating and cooling systems that have lines which may run through your attic or crawlspace. Problems such as water damage or smoke damage can also lead to a need for insulation removal. We have specialty tools to make sure that the toxic dust and any impurities that lie within the insulation will not make their way into your indoor air quality during removal. Working with a company like us they can provide safe removal can be a better option for your needs.

With the older style insulation completely removed we can also provide sealing services to protect your attic or crawlspace from various rodents. Professional sealing services can also work to save you even more money on your energy bills before installing insulation. With proper sealing and brand-new insulation it possible that you could be saving up to 40% on your energy bills in the Bay Area.

If you need professional insulation removal services, contact attic solutions USA to speak to one of our representatives so that we can prepare a quote for you. Air sealing and insulation removal/installation services can be one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency throughout your home. With our knowledge and experience we can make sure that your home is secured for the future and that you do not need to be exposed to any type of harmful effects during insulation removal.

If it has been sometime since you have inspected your attic or crawl spaces or you need assistance with insulation removal throughout your property, speak to one of our representatives today.