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When it’s time to remove and replace your attic insulation, hire the licensed professionals at Attic Solutions to keep things clean, safe and building-code approved. Adequate insulation is integral to whole-home energy efficiency and comfort.

Removing outdated and/or inadequate insulation – to replace it with higher-quality products is a smart way to gain both energy savings as well as improved indoor air quality. However, the messy and potentially toxic nature of the work makes it a job for the pros.

Adequate attic insulation is integral to whole-home energy efficiency and comfort. According to EnergyStar.gov, sealing leaks and adding insulation in attics, floors and open or unfinished spaces can cut heating and cooling spending by as much as 15% - and can improve housewide energy efficiency by an average of 11%. Ultimately, this saves Bay Area homeowners hundreds of dollars per year.

In most cases, replacing existing insulation requires removing the old material – and this job is best left to professionals to minimize your exposure to harmful materials, not to mention the mess that is often left behind by amateurs.

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    Removing Old Insulation is a Toxic Job

    More eco-friendly insulation materials (blown-in insulation, foam and spray foam insulations) have only been on the market for a short time. Therefore, the wide majority of insulation materials used in homes and attics include toxic materials ranging from fiberglass particulate matter to chemical-based products. This is particularly true with both loose fill and batt style – or fiberglass - insulation, which leaves humans, pets and the environment at risk for contamination without diligent adherence to safety precautions during their removal.

    Thus, removing old insulation is a risky – and messy – business. In addition to risking direct exposure to toxic agents yourself, amateur removal of insulation can wind up sending harmful particulate matter into your forced air system, recirculating it through your home, posing a risk to your loved ones and pets. As licensed insulation contractors, we use best-practices and plenty of protective gear to keep ourselves – and your household safe.

    Other contaminants that are stirred up and pose potential risks during insulation removal include:

    • Smoke residue and carcinogens from fire damage
    • Mold spores from moisture infiltration or roof leaks
    • Rodent feces and miscellaneous pest debris result of latent infestations
    • Contamination from old spills or miscellaneous building products or materials left/stored in the attic

    That’s why the diligent crew at Attic Solutions takes every precaution possible when removing insulation from attics, crawl spaces and elsewhere. This includes wearing adequate safety gear (full body suits, masks, gloves, safety goggles, etc.), sealing and taping off perimeter areas to prevent cross-contamination between spaces, and the use of specialty tools and high-powered vacuums that suck up any debris as its stirred up, preventing it from making its way into your home and/or central air system.

    Get the Job Done Right the First Time Around

    Once the old insulation is removed, we go the extra mile to ensure the job is done completely and correctly. We also offer additional services that optimize the effects of insulation removal and the performance of your future insulation installation include:

    • Sealing obvious gaps in exterior walls, roof, attic, etc., spaces to keep conditioned air inside and prevent the exit if heated/cooled air during peak seasons.
    • Attic cleaning, removing all of the dust, debris and trash that collects in attics over the course of years and decades.
    • Removing existing rodent infestations and using industry-standard sealing methods to prevent future rodent activity in your attic, interior wall and crawl spaces.
    • Replacing the old insulation with EnergyStar-rated replacement insulation, ensuring it meets current building code requirements and has the appropriate R-values for your Bay Area location.
    • Sanitizing contaminated attic spaces. If your attic has been prone to historic rodent or pest infestations, water or fire damage or other contaminants, we’ll sanitize it completely to protect your home and air quality.
    • Performing a full inspection your home, crawl spaces and exterior perimeter so we can provide a professional whole-home energy evaluation. We’ll make recommendations for energy-efficient home improvements that will pay for themselves in the end and that you can spread out over time with respect to your budget.

    Attic Solutions works closely with our customers to find the right insulation materials for the job, ranging from traditional materials like batt insulation to higher-quality products such as rigid foam, spray foam and other eco-friendly products. We’re also happy to educate you about the benefits of additional energy-efficient augmentations, like crawl space vapor barriers or the repair and replacement of malfunctioning and inefficient air ducts. The former helps to mitigate moisture damage and maintain healthy indoor humidity levels, while the latter optimizes airflow throughout your home – saving energy as well as wear-and-tear on your HVAC system.

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    When’s the last time your home benefited from and attic inspection or new insulation? If it’s been 15-years or more, contact us here at Attic Solutions and request a free estimate. We provide honest, reliable and competitively-priced insulation removal, installation and other energy-efficient, comfort-forward solutions all over the Bay Area. Check out our Yelp Reviews and you’ll read first-hand about our commitment to excellence and our attention to customer service.

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