When one or more of these pesky critters enters your attic and starts nesting, they contaminate the insulation in your attic with their urine, feces and fur, and they also deposit parasites like ticks, fleas and mites. These pesky critters will normally chew holes in your A/C ductwork as well, and once this happens, your central heat & air system will transfer the contaminated air from your attic into your home where you and your family will most likely breathe the contaminated air and possibly become ill with allergy like symptoms.

Keep in mind that Raccoons also carry a very nasty little parasite called Raccoon Roundworm, which can be fatal to humans if repeated exposure occurs over a long period of time. This is one of the reasons why you need a company like Attic Solutions to remove the unwanted contaminated insulation because, we will do it right the first time and we have the required license to get rid of the pesky critters, as well as the hazardous waste and parasites that they leave behind.

A proper insulation replacement job should be done:

  • Trap and remove the unwanted guest (requires license or permit)
  • Seal up all potential re-entry points
  • Remove ALL of the contaminated insulation
  • Sanitize and miticide the infected area (requires license)
  • Blow in the new insulation