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Attic Solutions is a small, family-owned business providing a wide range of attic services for homeowners in Lafayette and the surrounding Bay Area. From removing old, outdated or damaged insulation, upgrading or replacing existing insulation, removing all traces of rat, rodent or pest infestations, correcting and preventing water damage to good ol’ fashioned attic cleaning or sanitizing services – we are prepared to do it all.

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    Attic Insulation Removal & Replacement

    When attics move from an afterthought to a priority, the entire household benefits. These benefits come by way of whole-home energy efficiency, consistent interior comfort, balanced humidity levels and improved indoor air quality. Most energy experts, including the US Department of Energy, agree that the simple act of upgrading insulation to current energy efficiency standards can reduce energy consumption and spending by as much as 15% - and those savings are enhanced by additional attic services such as:

    • Sealing leaks
    • Repairing and preventing water damage
    • Installing crawl space vapor barriers

    Many insulation removal and replacement companies are one-stop-shops, and that’s all they offer. The team here at Attic Solutions takes a comprehensive approach, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get your attic into shape. We offer every single service the DOE and recommend for a more efficient attic space.

    Feel your attic could use a little extra special attention? Contact Attic Solutions online or give us a call at 510-556-9202. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and all of our free, on-site estimates are provided with no obligation. We’re proud of our commitment to excellence and you can see this yourself by visiting our Yelp! Reviews, where we maintain consistently high ratings.


    Start With an Inspection and No-Obligation, Competitively Priced Estimate

    If your home is more than 10-years old, and you haven’t had your attic inspected, now’s the time. There’s a lot that can happen in the attic without your knowing it – including things like:

    • Rats in the attic (either currently or evidence of a former infestation)
    • Poorly sealed exterior air gaps
    • Water damage, often a culprit for diminishing batt insulation so it can’t function as it was designed
    • Mold and/or mildew growth
    • Lack of moisture prevention and/or moisture barriers
    • Damage to plumbing, electrical or HVAC components, air ducts, and/or insulation from workers or A/V technicians that didn’t clean up after themselves
    • Years or decades of dirt and debris that compromise indoor air quality

    The Attic Solutions team is happy to inspect your attic and make a list of the top items to address, as well as any other recommendations that will help your attic do a better job for your household.

    Our estimate and recommendations are handed over to you with no-obligation, but we know for a fact that we’re one of the most competitively-priced attic insulation replacement and insulation repair companies in the Bay Area. Plus, our employees go the extra mile when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, so your attic will look brand new when we leave.

    Attic Insulation and Replacement

    It’s true that heat rises, but it’s also true that the law of thermal dynamics causes warm air to travel into cooler spaces. The combination of these two factors means any issue with your attic’s ability to prevent heat transfer (or heat gain) has notable and tangible effects when it comes to interior comfort.

    Insulation removal

    First, we’ll remove damaged, outdated or insufficient insulation. Our high-tech vacuuming equipment and attention to detail eliminates airborne particulates so your home is never at risk for compromised air quality.

    Insulation replacement

    Once we’ve removed the old stuff, we’ll work with you to find the best insulation product for your needs and budget. This includes:

    • Traditional batt or loose fill insulation
    • Blown in insulation
    • Spray foam insulation options
    • Ceiling insulation
    • Insulation removal and replacement in crawl spaces

    When we leave, your attic will be tidy and clean, just like new. The newly installed insulation will make a major difference in how your home feels – and performs – during peak hot and cold seasons.

    Attic Cleaning Services

    If you haven’t been up in the attic for a while, odds are it will benefit from a good attic cleaning. For a space that is largely unused and rarely sees visitors (other than rats in the attic or other pests, more on that next…) the attic gets remarkable dirty. This is compounded in older homes that may have rotting furniture or storage boxes, accumulated dust and insulation particles, remnants of prior rat, rodent or pest infestations, etc.

    The particulate matter circulating gets into the cracks and crevices between the attic and living spaces, as well as into the ductwork, negatively impacting household comfort. In the case of pest infestations, moisture damage and/or mold/mildew growth resulting debris can also create unpleasant odors.

    Our team will completely clean and dehumidify your attic space, and we are happy to sanitize it if needed, improving whole-home air quality and leaving you with an attic that is spic-and-span.

    Additional Attic Restoration Services

    We also offer several other services that will restore and protect your attic. These include:

    • Crawl Space Vapor Barriers. Without high-quality vapor barriers installed in crawl spaces and between exterior and interior spaces, your attic, crawl spaces and other interior spaces are prone to moisture accumulation and water damage. Over time, uncontrolled moisture damage rots structural components and leads to mold and mildew growth. It will also lead to undesirable humidity levels and a more difficult time regulating interior temperatures. Once we’ve replaced dilapidated versions or installed them for the first time, you’ll notice a difference in terms of more consistent interior comfort and reduced energy spending.
    • Duct insulation, repair and replacement. If old or damaged ducts are spotted, we’ll repair ducts or replace them, and we’ll also ensure your attic ducts are insulated properly, which significant reduces the amount of conditioned air required to keep your home comfortable, reducing energy spending and minimizing HVAC wear-and-tear.
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    Hire Local Professionals for Attic Solutions in Your Lafayette Home

    Lafayette’s proximity in Contra Costa County makes it one of the most accessible areas for the Attic Solutions team to serve. We’re all Bay Area natives so we enjoy servicing the communities that are our own, or who are such close neighbors that they feel like family.

    On weekends you’re as likely to find us having fun or exploring the Reservoir and Recreation Area as you are to find us in our own hometowns, and there are a few of us who regularly attend the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. As a result, we’ve met lots of Lafayette locals and feel proud to serve our roster of Lafayette clients whenever we have the chance.

    Contact Attic Solutions and you’ll benefit from honest, loyal and professional attic services for a competitive price.

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